Moto-Tech is a full-service shop, going above and beyond to cater to all styles of bikes, ATVs/side-by-sides and watercraft. We cater to the Southeast region based out of Mobile, Alabama.

Moto-Tech is the only Full Service and/or Do-It-Yourself repair shop built into one, with a retail shop for the like-minded in the community. We pride ourselves in the ability to allow all skill levels to work on their bikes with the right tools and knowledgeable mechanics on standby if you get in a bind.

We are one of the only repair shops in the Southeast with a 2017 DynoJet 250ix Dyno. We can tune Motorcycles, ATV/Side By Sides, Scooters, Go-Carts, Super-Moto’s etc. We offer Power Commanders, Bazzaz and Rapid-Bike Tuners, along with everything you need to get the gains you want. 

The founder of Moto-tech has an extensive history of instructing and teaching all across the globe. He brings with him a new concept to the ideology of the motorcycle repair shop. Instructional nights will be offered throughout the month for those who are interested in learning how to perform basic to intermediate level maintenance on their equipment. 

These are open to everyone, with or without a vehicle, who wish to have the simple knowledge of “how to” on their vehicles. We want everyone to be safe when they are out enjoying their recreational vehicles.

Moto-Tech also offers customization and “track ready” bike ability. Do you want to add things to your cruiser? Do you want to have your bike “track prepped” and just pick up? We offer a wide range of ideas and products for your riding style and needs.

Check out our Facebook page. We offer lots of Specials/Offers and we also have our online store on Facebook for products that we sell. We are constantly updating the Facebook page. Make sure you “like” our page. https://www.facebook.com/pg/MotoTechracing16/shop/?ref=page_internal