About Us

Moto-Tech was founded by Jean-Paul Stassi, who, at the track, brought this idea to life while talking to his good friends. It was originated from those that have the love for their motorcycles and want to have a place to work on them with others that are in the same mindset.

Moto-Tech has come to the scene with a new approach to customer service and realization that there are those that want to do their own work but lack the space or tools to do it. We want the customer to not only enjoy their vehicles but also have the ability to do the work they want.

If you just want to drop off and have the best quality work with the assurance it’s done right the first time, Moto-Tech understands and will gladly do the work you need. Our turn-around time will be drastically reduced compared to the dealership you go to because of how our concept is designed and customer service ability. We take pride in our work we do for our customers, providing the top quality to ensure the customer walks away ready to go, whether that is on a long ride with a group/club, taking it down the interstate to clear one’s mind, going to a bike event, or taking their machines to the track.

Moto-Tech is a brand name and logo you will learn to recognize when you are out and about everywhere you see a motorcycle.